Why choosing PM METAL?

What is the priority of our Rebar and why choosing PM METAL?

As a result of the market analysis of the construction industry in recent years, this field is dynamically growing and developing. This condition is caused by technological advances, new trends, economic conditions and societal demands. 

The proper selection of the construction materials plays a crucial role in the successful implementation of the contractor’s project.

For effective investment in the future of your business, our company holds a leading position in the import of reinforcing steel and wire rod in Georgia.

For the Georgian market, PM Metal LLC manufactures high-quality rebar and wire rod of the European standard.

Our products are presented in the form of B500B class Rebar, which is made only on ore, are supplied continuously and delivered throughout Georgia. It ensures concrete strength, withstands loads, environmental conditions, is sustainable and earthquake resistant.

Our products are available in 8mm-32mm rebar and 5.5mm, 6.5mm, 8mm wire rod sizes.

Technology of building materials, earthquake-resistant construction, safety of buildings and structures, durability of materials, world construction standards, product quality, certified products, new technology and methodology in the production of metal and reinforcing steel – This is US, PM METAL company.


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