Modern in ancient Tbilisi Income House of Melik-Azaryants

Inspired by the past – forwarding to the future!

Today, in ancient Tbilisi, in the center of the city, at 37 Rustaveli Street, just as at that time in ancient Tbilisi, in the center of the city, also at 37 Rustaveli Street, a house named after Alexander Melik-Azaryants was built.

The income house, as it is called later, is built in a modern architectural style, with solid bricks, very similar to European ones, granite blocks, spiral flower decor, colored or gray stones.

The distinguished building of the beginning of the 20th century, which is associated with the name of Tbilisian millionaire A. Melik-Azaryants, was designed in a modern style, which was unusual for the houses of that time. Shops, a pharmacy, a photo salon, a barbershop, a walking garden and even a parking lot where carriages were placed inside. It had its own electricity and water supply.

Today, even for a short period of time, we have become a part of this history.

With stability and many years of experience, inspired by the house of A.Melik-Azaryants, we move forward – to a safe future!


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