Do I need to pick up the goods from the point of issue, or can you offer your own transport?

The goods can be picked up either by customer or with the help of our transport with an additional cost.

Can i inspect the material?

Inspection of goods on site is not allowed.

Can I order the product if it is not in stock?

Yes, in this case the goods can be ordered.

How long does it take to wait for an order?

Delivery of goods in Tbilisi on the same day after the purchase, and in the regions within a week.

Do you deliver to all cities of Georgia?

Yes, the delivery of goods is carried out throughout Georgia

What documents will I receive after buying your product?

After purchasing the item, you will receive a bill of lading and an invoice.

How to conclude a long-term contract with you? What do I need to do for that?

Email us and we will contact you!

What is the minimal quantity i can order?

The minimum quantity depends on the size of the car - One car.

Do you sell steel bars by the piece?

No, we do not sell steel bars by the piece.

Can I buy a product with a delay?

No, we do not sell goods with a delay.